Brides and grooms, what you're about to read is IMPORTANT. We cannot stress this enough!

You're likely a part of those wedding groups on Facebook. You've probably spent hours stalking day-after-wedding posts where brides sell all those chargers and dresses that they've spent a fortune on for a fraction of the price. 

But here is your NOT be THIS kind of bride or groom. 

It's the type of posts that send our head reeling: 

"ISO of a REASONABLE photographer we are on a budget and are looking for someone cheap who does great pictures!"


Asking for vendors that are "affordable" and "reasonable" is the most ridiculous thing you can post as a bride, and one of the most insulting to any wedding vendor. 

NO ONE is out there looking for the most expensive people they can find! You are not (we promise) the only couple out there on a budget, looking to save on their wedding. 

But if you're going to post an ISO ad on Facebook, please replace those words with "reputable" or "professional" or "experienced" or anything about the quality of service rather than the price.

It really makes you look like an undesirable bride to work with if you're already assuming that vendor prices are unreasonable, and great vendors who would probably work with you on your budget will NOT want to make any effort to help a bride/groom who is already saying that their work is not worthy of the price they're charging. 

It's ok to have a budget, and you SHOULD have a budget. But asking for a vendor within your budget is NOT the same as using the above words.

And trust us when we say you're going to get just what you ask for if you try to cut corners with vendors!


Be a smart bride or groom! Check for quality over cost!