Normally a snow day is a day to celebrate...but not for busy brides and grooms! 

Don't worry, there is still plenty of tasks you can check of your to-do list when you're snowed in. Grab a bottle of wine and some warm socks, and let's get to work!


Address List

Oh...the dreaded address list. It's going to take 18 years to do, but there's not better time than now. Once you've made your invite list, get to work texting, messaging, and calling everyone to get their addresses. There are a ton of free spreadsheets...USE THEM. Be sure to put the addresses in as you get them, or you'll regret it when you go to find them!

Wedding Website

If you did what I think you did, you probably spent five minutes on the address list and gave here is something much more fun to work on! Head over to the Knot and get started on your wedding website. It's super easy and you'll have fun telling everyone the story of how you met, and who is in your wedding party. Plus add all those adorable pictures you've been saving!

Picking Out the Dresses

Picture courtesy of Tulle and Chantilly. 

Picture courtesy of Tulle and Chantilly. 

Since you're trapped inside, it's the perfect time to peruse for the perfect bridesmaids dresses! Surf the web and find pictures of styles and colors you like so that when the snow clears you'll have a dress for your ladies. You can also start looking for YOUR dress too! It's never too early to pin!


Talking with Your Planner

Photo courtesy of Adrienne Maples. 

Photo courtesy of Adrienne Maples. 

Listen, we're both inside...we're both looking for something to do...let's chat!

While you're snowed in give us a call and see how we can work together to make your wedding dreams come true. There's no better time than a snowmagedon!