Getting engaged is one of the most exciting experiences! Not only do you get a beautiful symbol of your love in the form of a gorgeous new ring, but you get the promise of a future with the one you love most!

But along with any engagement comes a wedding to plan. Here are five things that will make your life a LOT easier after you're engaged and begin to plan the big day!

1. Set A Date

For your own sanity and ease of planning, you're going to want to set a date as soon as possible. Everyone you know and meet will ask you when you're getting married, and you can't start booking with vendors until you have one!

2. Set A Budget

The most intimidating aspect of planning a wedding is the cost, but it's absolutely the FIRST thing you should do! (Even before you pin your first wedding pin!) 

Get together with your future groom and layout exactly how much you have to spend on your big day...without going into debt! Find out if your families are contributing, and who is paying for what. 

3. Start Collecting Addresses

As simple as this sounds, trust's a BEAST. Start a Facebook group and ask everyone to post or send you their addresses, then start a spreadsheet or use an app to put all of the addresses in as they come in! When you're ready to start sending out Save the Dates, party invites, and wedding invites you'll be so happy you did!

4. Sign Up for Pre-Marital Counseling

It might seem crazy, but especially if you haven't already discussed some of the bigger issues like money, kids, religion, and career goals signing up for pre-marital counseling is a great idea for anyone getting married. Having someone to facilitate those big conversations can take the fear and frustration out of them, and prevent some of the most prevalent issues in the first years of marriage. 

5. Get a Wedding Planner!

While planning a wedding sounds like a lot of fun (and it can be) it is a LOT of work. The hours you spend planning can add up to the equivalent of a full time job!

A wedding planner can help not only take the time and work out of planning, leaving you with all the fun parts, they can also help you stay within your budget while helping you create a dream wedding.

Wedding planners aren't for everyone, but if you have a job, kids, pets, or are just busy with life...definitely look into getting a planner ASAP!