This is Ashley, one of our lovely coordinators and genuinely one of my favorite people of all time. 

I love this photo of her because it's SO her. Even as a bridesmaid she was going above and beyond to make the day perfect, which is what she does for all our brides. 

Which is why when our team found out she was pregnant, we could wait to throw her a magical gender reveal party! Thanks to Stephanie Richer Photography for capturing the details and the fun!

All photos provided by the amazing  Stephanie Richer  Photography! 

All photos provided by the amazing Stephanie Richer Photography! 

Ashley and her hubby, Brandon, are BIG Harry Potter fans so we thought it was the perfect way to find out if they were having a little baby girl or boy.

We set the scene at Candoro Marble  with suitcases and candles, and of course the books! The foyer playing the Harry Potter score was a magical entrance for guests. 

Candoro Gender Reveal2.jpg

One of our other coordinators, Josh, is Ashley's BFF and he helped make these AMAZING wand favors so all the guests could be "chosen" by one and take it home. 

They knew that boy or girl, their little witch or wizard would definitely be a Ravenclaw so we made sure the little one would be decked out in the right attire. 

The Candoro main room was decked out with house colors and snacks of the magical variety, including Bertie Botts Beans and Polyjuice Potion. 


Guests put their gender guesses into the "Goblet of Fire" for a chance to win a big prize before heading out for the reveal. 

To find out the gender Ashley and Brandon consulted the Sorting Hat..

With much joy and's a girl!

Candoro Gender Reveal36.jpg

We couldn't be more excited to spoil her rotten when she gets here. Congratulations to Ashley and Brandon!!

Thanks to the whole team for making the party magical. You can pin any of these party ideas one our Pinterest


Venue // Candoro Marble
Photographer // Stephanie Richer Photography