Ashley + Jason

Ashley + Jason

Joy would have to be the one word that summarizes the experience of working with Ashley and Jason. 

Ashley and I connected over Facebook and immediately I knew I HAD to be her wedding planner. She is so funny and bubbly, her laid back disposition made getting to know her so much fun and made planning a privilege. 

The two are from Florida but tied the knot in the gorgeous Smoky Mountains. 

While the bride got ready with her gals, the groom and the guys went fly fishing.

The ceremony was held at Spence Cabin and no one could hold back the waterworks with this special union.

Not only was the groom committing to his lovely bride, but to his new son as well. 

Ashley's son walked her down the aisle, with a special part of the ceremony uniting the three of them. 

After the ceremony by the river, the reception was held down the road at the Appalachian Clubhouse. 

Illuminated by bistro lights, the intimate reception was full of wildflowers and wild fun!

The bouquets were done by the talented Melissa Timm Designs. 

The bouquets were done by the talented Melissa Timm Designs. 

The love in the room was overwhelming, and this was one of our favorite weddings of the year. 

For more details of this beautiful day, check out our Pinterest!

Venue // Spence Cabin
Photographer // Artful Life Studios
Florist // Melissa Timm Designs
Wedding Planner // Team Wedding
DJ // Mobile DJ Entertainment
Cake // Amanda Floyd Spears
Catering // Miss Lily's BBQ
Videographer // Loree Videography
Bar // Pour Guys


Carey + Doug

Carey + Doug

A colorful, bohemian style wedding that brought out Carey and Doug's vivid personalities and bright love!

Sydney + Nick

When you're planning a wedding long distance you don't always get to meet your vendors, and sometimes not even your planner!

But as soon as I met Sydney and Nick, I couldn't help but love them for their love for one another. From the sweet details they included on their day to the way they smiled at one another, it was such an beautiful and loving wedding. 


Sydney and Nick celebrated their love at the stunning Homewood in Asheville, NC. 

The ceremony was held outside, accented by the deep reds, blushes, and golds of the bridesmaids dresses and flowers. (Click to see more!)

Afterwards the romantic reception was held inside the main hall of the castle with flowing garlands accented with gold blush. The guest's favors, glasses with the two states of the bride and groom printed on them, were set out on the chargers. Click through to see more!

But out of all the beauty and fun of the evening, there was one moment that absolutely stood out and that was Nick's face while he looked at his bride!

To see more of their lovely wedding, check us out on Pinterest. 


Venue // Homewood
Photographer // Leah Moyers Photography
Caterer // Celine and Company
Planner // Team Wedding 

Kelly + Ben

Kelly had the difficult job of planning a long distance wedding...all the way from Colorado!

It was such a joy being able to work with her and help relieve a little of that stress for her special day. 

These two love birds are not just adorable, but they're also super cool people. We're delighted to share this look into the day with gorgeous photos by Juicebeats Photography.

They had their ceremony at the gorgeous Ijams Nature Center in a peaceful meadow. It was an intimate ceremony highlighted by the stunning floral arch created by Megan Connors

The flowers were a white, green, and blue palette, and guests cooled off with wooden fans. Click on the image below to see more!

After the ceremony guests headed to the English pub in Knoxville's Old City, Crown and Goose. 

The alley-way feel with fairytale-esque decor was the perfect backdrop for a laid back evening of fun and merriment! Click on the image below to see more.

Guests enjoyed food prepared by Crown and Goose and danced the night away. We fell in love with all the wonderful people we met!

We were so honored to be a part of the day, and thankful to have met these two!

For more images of the day check out our Pinterest!


Photography - Juicebeats Photography

Ceremony Venue- Ijams Nature Center

Reception Venue- Crown and Goose

Officiant - Sandra Tracy

Flowers- Megan Connors

Cake- Cheryl McMillian

Coordinator/Planner - Team Wedding


Chris + Chelsea's Secret Garden Wedding

When I say that Fate brought me and these two together, I don't mean that lightly. I mean, all the stars aligned and our paths had crossed a million times and the universe blessed me with these two amazing people. 


From the moment I met them, it was hard not to love them. They are both drop dead gorgeous, for starters, but they are also the most kind hearted, sweet, and fun people a planner could hope to work with. 

They wanted their big day to have a vintage, secret garden feel. A fairytale undertone that highlighted the enchantment and wonder of love, and a reflection of the love that so evidently blossoms between them each day. 

Her bouquet from Lisa Foster Design was a stunning array of lavender, ivory, and white with vibrant, textured greenery. 

The bridesmaids carried fragrant bundles of lavender. 

The wedding was held at the Glenmore Mansion in Jefferson City, Tennessee. It's a historical building filled with intricate works of art and a towering staircase. The grounds created the perfect, wooded atmosphere for a true garden setting. 

The day of the wedding it was pouring rain. And by pouring I mean, we couldn't see in front of us, torrential down-pour kind of rain. The mason jar lanterns we had strung through the trees kept filling up with water, the garland flowers would stay in, and we were soaked to the bone.

But we were determined to make it enchanting, even if that meant sending our team to the store for new clothes!

Luckily, the moment the bride arrived the clouds parted, the sunshine came out, and the weather was perfect the entire evening. 

Lanterns, candles, and garland graced the front of a worn down barn, and created an ethereal setting for the ceremony. 

The two shared their vows under the glimmering lanterns, and shared in a special unity ceremony. They watered a special butterfly bush with water from both houses, that will forever grow in their new home. 

The pictures after the ceremony were just as magical, as they enjoyed a beautiful swing made just for the wedding and basked in the setting sun. We loved getting to see how in love these two are!

Their wedding party was just as wonderful as they are, full of fun, laughter, and good spirits. 

As guests entered the reception, they wandered up a candlelit path to a trove of pictures of Chelsea and Chris. After signing a guestbook picture, they found their escort card on a vintage key. 

Each table centerpiece was created with antiqued trinkets reminiscent of favorite fairy tales and stories of love. 

After a delicious meal provided by Bradford Catered Events, the party got started!

They danced the night away until their unique send off, which lead them through a tunnel of family and friends "ringing" them into their new adventure with the sound of hundreds of antique bells!

We were so honored to be a part of their big day, and I'm especially honored to have gained two such wonderful friends in the process!

For more information on their incredible vendors, check them out here:

Venue // Glenmore Mansion
Photographer // Andrew Allen Morton Photography
Florist // Lisa Foster Design
Caterer // Bradford Catered Events
DJ// Sound Revue 
Videographer // Two Arrow Cinema
Planner // Team Wedding

What to Expect Before You Say "I Do" to Being a Bridesmaid

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is exciting! It's a honor to know that you've been such an important part of a bride's life that she wants you to be a part of her big day. 

But saying "yes" to being a bridesmaids automatically signs you up for a LOT of responsibility. Before you agree, here's a look at what will be expected of you. Pro tip: it's a lot of time and money. 

The Dress

Right out the gate, you can expect to spend anywhere from $50-$300 on a dress. And that's just the bridesmaids dress! Don't forget you'll also be going out for the showers, parties, and rehearsal dinner. Depending on whether or not your bride has chosen colors for those events, you could end up sending close to $500 on just CLOTHES. 

The Parties

As a bridesmaid, you're going to be expected to pitch in for the bridal shower and the bachellorette party. This means going in on food, entertainment, even transportation sometimes. $$$$$$$$


The Time

Being a bridesmaid doesn't just hit your takes up your time too. You'll be expected to participate and help plan the shower and the bachellorette party, as well as attend those and the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and help set up/tear down the wedding. That means you may need to ask off of work, or time for travel. 

The Support

The biggest job of a bridesmaid is to support the bride. There will be meltdowns. There will be tears. There will be nerves. You have to be willing to be willing to support the bride in every way, whether it's helping choose colors or put together 200 tiny box favors. Even if you hate your dress, you despise the colors, you think the cake looks basically have to keep your mouth shut and smile. This is all about her and you have to be willing to put your needs second to her's!

Being a bridesmaid is tons of fun, and it's incredible to be a part of such a huge moment in someone's life. But if you know you won't be able to contribute, there's nothing wrong with telling the bride you would be happy to help in other ways. 

If you agree to the job but can't do it, it will put unnecessary stress on everyone....ESPECIALLY THE BRIDE. Trust us, she would much rather have you help where you can than be a bridesmaid that falls through!


Adventure Awaits

What are the chances of two people, growing up on opposite sides of the world, finding each other in the same state, in the same city, at the same bar, at the exact same moment?

That's exactly what happened to Marvyl and Eric, one summer night in downtown Knoxville, so they decided to have a travel-themed wedding to honor their journeys to each other and their passion for seeing the world with one another and Team Wedding was there to make sure it was everything they dreamed of. 

Photos courtesy of  JOPHOTO . 

Photos courtesy of JOPHOTO

The wedding took place at the Historic Southern Railway Station in downtown Knoxville, just blocks away from where they met. The train station offered the perfect setting for the theme and gave the perfect vintage vibe. 

Along with the station, the couple was able to use the train cars outside which made for beautiful bridal portraits and couple photos. 

Team Wedding is all about personalizing each wedding in unique ways. The ceremony was intimate and non-traditional, including a unity ceremony that perfectly captured the bride's love for Christmas. 

The bride and groom each took a pin of a different color and placed it on Tennessee. The officiant read a passage about their travels from this point forward, signifying that from now on where ever they traveled from now on, they went as one. Every new place the couple travels, they will add a blue pin and each Christmas they'll have an ornament to hang on their tree showing the memories they've made together. 

The details were shown in every aspect of the day, down to the bride's toes!

Shoes handmade by  Absolute Beauty & Bows. 

The bridesmaids were dressed in a flight-attendant style including a classic pill-box hat. Instead of bouquets they carried antique suitcases down the aisle. 

The hair and make up was done in a vintage stewardess style as well, giving the girls a classy, fun, and elegant style. 

The bridesmaids weren't the only ladies dressed to the nines. The flower girl walked down the aisle in sequins, ditching the traditional flower girl petals and baskets for vintage stamps. 

As guests were seated, they were handed intricately designed passport programs from Team Wedding, detailing the night's events and information. 


At the reception the theme really came alive. Guests followed the grand staircase upstairs to the reception hall and found an interactive welcome area waiting for them. 

Photobooths from the Knoxville Photo Booth Company were transformed into "Passport Booths" and guests were able to make passport photos to place in their programs to remember the evening. 

Once they had signed the guest globe and filled out their well-wishes on postcards, they found their seat at one of the tables...each themed to a different place the bride and groom would like to visit one day. 

It may have been a winter wedding, but who says winter floral has to be boring?! Whimsical Gatherings created vibrant, stunning centerpieces.

From the bouquet to the boutonnieres, the flowers were anything but ordinary. Although they invoked the neutral palette of the vintage undertones, they were alive with texture and pops of color that highlighted the energy of the day. 


Each table was set with champagne linens noted with navy sashes and gold chargers from Event Rentals at Rothchild's. The gold chivari chairs were tied with matching navy sashes. 

The place cards were hand made by Minted Feather and the favors were miniature air mail packages filled with candies from around the world!

The wonderful plated dinner was provided by Bradford Catered Events and the DJ, Jim Ogle from Special Notes not only kept the party going with music, but also did amazing up-lighting creating an incredible atmosphere for the reception!

The evening ended with a send off that sent the couple off into the world in style! Hundreds of flags from countries all over the world bid them bon voyage!

It was truly a wedding that was travel inspired down to the smallest detail, and definitely a party from start to finish!

All the moments of the celebration were beautifully captured by JOPHOTO and HISCREATIVE

Find out how Team Wedding can make your wedding dreams come true at and follow us on Pinterest for wedding inspiration. 

Snow Day To-Do for Brides and Grooms

Normally a snow day is a day to celebrate...but not for busy brides and grooms! 

Don't worry, there is still plenty of tasks you can check of your to-do list when you're snowed in. Grab a bottle of wine and some warm socks, and let's get to work!


Address List

Oh...the dreaded address list. It's going to take 18 years to do, but there's not better time than now. Once you've made your invite list, get to work texting, messaging, and calling everyone to get their addresses. There are a ton of free spreadsheets...USE THEM. Be sure to put the addresses in as you get them, or you'll regret it when you go to find them!

Wedding Website

If you did what I think you did, you probably spent five minutes on the address list and gave here is something much more fun to work on! Head over to the Knot and get started on your wedding website. It's super easy and you'll have fun telling everyone the story of how you met, and who is in your wedding party. Plus add all those adorable pictures you've been saving!

Picking Out the Dresses

Picture courtesy of Tulle and Chantilly. 

Picture courtesy of Tulle and Chantilly. 

Since you're trapped inside, it's the perfect time to peruse for the perfect bridesmaids dresses! Surf the web and find pictures of styles and colors you like so that when the snow clears you'll have a dress for your ladies. You can also start looking for YOUR dress too! It's never too early to pin!


Talking with Your Planner

Photo courtesy of Adrienne Maples. 

Photo courtesy of Adrienne Maples. 

Listen, we're both inside...we're both looking for something to do...let's chat!

While you're snowed in give us a call and see how we can work together to make your wedding dreams come true. There's no better time than a snowmagedon! 

Why I Opted Out of Tradition - From the Editor

Marvyl here! I'm the creator of Team Wedding and I actually got married six days ago. 

It was truly a remarkable wedding. It was everything I could have dreamed of and more, and everything went exactly as I planned (more or less!). 

But despite the fact it was the wedding of my dreams, after the wedding family and friends still found something to complain about. I couldn't believe that after all my hard work and with it going exactly how I wanted, people still found something negative to say about it. 

Most of it was easy to brush off, except for this one thing that kept coming up: Why didn't I do the full garter/bouquet tradition?

For those of you just starting off in the wedding planning world, you've probably heard of this tradition. The bride throws a bouquet and the groom throws the garter, and the lucky folks to catch them are suppose to be next in line to get married. Well, there is another part of it that some people choose to do and that is that the guy who catches the garter places it on the lady who catches the bouquets leg.

Now, I'm going to preface this with I threw out a lot of traditional aspects during our wedding. But this one, I threw out for a very personal reason. And because of the complaints I got for not doing it, I thought I would take some time to explain. 

According to RAINN, ( every 107 seconds someone in the US is sexually assaulted. 

I know that's not really the type of statistics you want to read in a wedding article, but it's true. And I could go on and on about rape statistics and bombard you with numbers about victim's ages and walks of life...but what I wanted to point out is that it HAPPENS. All. The. Time. 

And if you, for some reason, think that you do not know anyone who has been sexually assaulted or're wrong. Maybe they haven't told you, maybe they haven't told anyone. But you're dead wrong. 

Tragically, it's far too common and for too long has gone unaddressed or stigmatized. I'd like to think that now it's easier for people to get the help that they need or be more aware of the problem than it has been in the past, but it doesn't change the fact that it continues to be a huge problem. 


So when it came time to think about my reception, I always knew that I would never have this as a part of my reception for what seemed to me, an obvious reason. I'm not at all saying that you shouldn't have it at your wedding...I've seen it happen dozens of times where it's fun and the guests all seem to enjoy it and no harm has been done. 

But I know that if for some reason, one of my guests had past experiences that could possibly be triggered by a stranger sliding their hands up their leg and/or dress...why would I even want to risk it? 

Why, knowing that it's a possibility would I put someone in a position to feel afraid, uncomfortable, or embarrassed just for the sake of tradition?


So when someone asks me why I took it out, that's my reasoning. And for those who have said that's a silly or dramatic reason for doing it, you're not the person I'm looking out for. I was thinking of the sisters, mothers, friends, cousins, children out there who have without a doubt been placed in situations that become a living nightmare simply because that's the way it's always been. 


In the end, I wanted to show you brides and grooms that you don't owe anyone an explanation. If you want it or don't want it in your wedding, it's completely up to you. I chose to explain my stance just because I was angry, but you don't owe anything to anyone except yourselves. 

Have a toss, don't have a toss. Do a unity ceremony, don't do it. This is YOUR day, and don't listen to all the haters out there who are going to try to impose their vision or traditions on a day that is meant for just two people. 


For more resources for sexual abuse including counseling and resources for friends and family visit




How DIY can Do You In

Oh, Pinterest. 

I see you and your evil-temptation of DIY!

When it comes to DIY projects it's hard enough to finish those 1000 every day projects you've pinned and never completed and/or started let alone try to DIY your own wedding. 

Although it might SEEM like a good idea to try to plan or DIY parts on your own, it can end up not only costing a lot but also putting a whole lot of unwarranted stress on you and your wallet. 

In theory, yeah, it sounds like a good idea to DIY those centerpieces. Until you realize that you have to make fifteen of them and you have never actually made paper flowers before and cutting fabric doesn't always work out exactly like the pictures tell you they do. 

And ok, it would be SUPER cute if all your favors had labels that you made and printed out and attached to those jars of jam you made yourself...until you are three in and you realize you have 147 more to go....

And yeah, sure it SAYS you can make that with every day items but once you realize you have to buy all those items lying around your house you've already spent more on the pieces of the thing you'll now have to assemble than you would have just letting a professional do it. 

Now, I'm not here to discourage all you crafty brides and grooms out there. DIYing aspects of your big day can add tons of sentimental value to parts of your wedding and make it truly unique. 

One of the best things about hiring a wedding planner is they know where that line is between DIYING and DYING. They'll be able to tell you where you can cut corners and where you need to trust a professional while making sure your wedding looks like your Pinterest board and doesn't end up on a Pinterest Fail Tumblr page. It will save you time, money, and your sanity. 

Save yourself the trouble and know when to set the hot glue gun down. 


What You're REALLY Saying When You're Looking for Vendors

Brides and grooms, what you're about to read is IMPORTANT. We cannot stress this enough!

You're likely a part of those wedding groups on Facebook. You've probably spent hours stalking day-after-wedding posts where brides sell all those chargers and dresses that they've spent a fortune on for a fraction of the price. 

But here is your NOT be THIS kind of bride or groom. 

It's the type of posts that send our head reeling: 

"ISO of a REASONABLE photographer we are on a budget and are looking for someone cheap who does great pictures!"


Asking for vendors that are "affordable" and "reasonable" is the most ridiculous thing you can post as a bride, and one of the most insulting to any wedding vendor. 

NO ONE is out there looking for the most expensive people they can find! You are not (we promise) the only couple out there on a budget, looking to save on their wedding. 

But if you're going to post an ISO ad on Facebook, please replace those words with "reputable" or "professional" or "experienced" or anything about the quality of service rather than the price.

It really makes you look like an undesirable bride to work with if you're already assuming that vendor prices are unreasonable, and great vendors who would probably work with you on your budget will NOT want to make any effort to help a bride/groom who is already saying that their work is not worthy of the price they're charging. 

It's ok to have a budget, and you SHOULD have a budget. But asking for a vendor within your budget is NOT the same as using the above words.

And trust us when we say you're going to get just what you ask for if you try to cut corners with vendors!


Be a smart bride or groom! Check for quality over cost!